Our Story

Brett McCormick

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Brett McCormick is redneck, rock ‘n’ roll, and blue-collar to the bone.  Born in Austin, McCormick is a true Texan—nourished by a steady diet of country music at home, but equally drawn to the rebellious nature and unmistakable power of rock ‘n’ roll—and proud of it.

McCormick has spent the past years on the road, playing rock, country, or whatever else it took to keep gas in the van and strings on the guitars.  This means hitting the road for a relentless round of touring that leads only to more touring. Part of the code of the road is self-sacrifice, which sometimes means going without necessities and always means prioritizing the needs of the fans over personal time. McCormick has excelled in this concept, having traveled across the globe in support of US military personnel serving far from home as part of USO/AFE-sponsored tours for the troops. Touring took on new meaning for McCormick and his bandmates after stops in 17 countries, including Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Singapore, Korea, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. With a sound best described as radio-friendly country with enough of an edge to push the limits of traditional acceptability, McCormick is resolute in his determination to put on a live show that people will talk about and remember forever. He is dedicated to giving the people their money’s worth every time he hits the stage—a concept that seems to have fallen out of fashion in recent years. Currently hard at work on a new album full of songs that capture the full spirit of McCormick’s vision, he is eager to share his music with anyone across Texas and beyond. His sound will appeal to fans of Dierks Bentley, Jack Ingram, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and other artists creating music on the cusp of country and Southern rock.