Brett McCormick – Boom
Posted on August 15, 2012 by Dan Harr

By Dan Harr

Are you a party animal? Do you hang out on Friday nights with the friends, droppin’ a few Jaeger bombs and tryin’ your best to come up with new ways to impress the hot girl down the bar so you don’t get turned down again like you did last weekend… and the one before that, and so on? Then Brett McCormick’s new CD, Boom, is the album for you.

If I had to guess, I’d say Brett IS that party animal and a lot of the songs on the CD are auto-biographical. I mean, he tells the stories so well he has to have “been there, done that.” And the CD – at least the first half of it – is made up of good story songs about those nights at the country tavern way off the beaten track… or perhaps a big city bar where it’s no frills, no frou-frou, no ferns, just beer-gut biker bubbas hopin’ to run into that hottie out lookin’ for a good time.

Opening the CD is “Friday Night Drunk,” a kick-butt drivin’ song about getting’ your Friday night drunk on in the middle of the week. It sets the theme for the first half of the eight-song project. Following it are “Belly Up, “Working Man” and “When I’m Stoned,” all following the “let’s just have a good time” theme.

“Countryanity,” the fifth song of the album talks about being “Country” as a new religion. No, not in the sense of Country music, but having that down-home, rural “don’t tread on me” life where the less government involvement in our lives the better off we’d all be, especially if (to continue the theme) we could all just have fun and party along the way.

“Someone Needs to Know” is the first departure from the party theme of the CD. It’s a break up song with good instrumentation and good melody. The words could be just a touch more powerful, but overall it’s a good song. “Home,” the next track, is – in my opinion – the weakest song on the album. It’s a rock power ballad that just never grew up. It doesn’t live up to it’s potential and never quite makes it.

Closing out the project is “She Likes To Pretend.” Normally, I don’t like to see a CD close on a ballad. After all, you want them upbeat and wanting more when the song ends. HOWEVER…

This song DOES live up to that rock power ballad style, and is reminiscent of something you might hear from Journey or REO. It’s a good, strong song and, despite my misgivings on closing a CD with a ballad, leaves me wanting to know what comes next.

I’d say BUY IT. You’ll enjoy the music and lyrics if you like Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, .38 Special, etc.

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